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Consequential Growth

You've probably already noticed that this year's theme is "Consequential Growth". We want to help our members grow spiritually and as a church we want to grow numerically. This Page is dedicated to three important initiatives to help our church grow numerically. We welcome your comments, questions and even support. Maybe you'll see an area where your gifts and talents can be used for the Lord in our church. We welcome your involvement. Maybe, however, you don't fit into one of these three initiatives. That's okay, too! We still want to hear from you and we welcome EVERYONE at Tri County.

We are working very hard at developing a dynamic, meaningful and growing youth group. Just six months ago we determined we needed a children's ministry and we began Kingdom Kids with just three regularly attending children. We're already approaching 20 in our regular attendance. We want to replicate that in our teen group. We're currently looking for two or three cornerstone teenagers who are willing to join us at Tri County and help us build a great youth program from the ground up. Our Pastor has a youth ministry background. He's successfully built two different programs from the ground up and that's what we are going to do here. If you know teenagers who want to serve, who want to grow, and who want to be part of a meaningful growth effort, let them know about Tri County and ask them to contact us.

Tri County has an awesome worship leader! We know, however, that worship is a super important part of the Sunday service and that the style of worship has changed in recent years. That's why we're going to redefine worship at our church. We've identified some musicians and we are going to debut our Worship Band on Mother's Day; complete with a lead guitar, an acoustic guitar, keyboards, drummer and vocalist! We're looking for more people to join our worship team though. We've "borrowed" a drummer from a local church and we know he can't play here every Sunday. We also know that with summer coming, families will enjoy vacation time. So we need some back-ups and alternates. If you're musically gifted and want to help a church take it's worship to a new and exciting level, please reach out to us.

Our 20:30 initiative is all about reaching out to a new, young, and starting out generating of young adults. We need your enthusiasm and ideas! Tri County is blessed with some seasoned veterans of the gospel. We've got a lot of children. We've got a good number of middle-aged members. We really need to identify some young adults to round us off.

These are the three BIG EFFORTS happening at Tri County. For more information on any of them, please reach out to us.