Consequential Growth


Sunday - 9 AM Sunday School,10 AM Worship Service

Consequential Growth

2019 is a year of Growth, Consequential Growth. We want to help you grow in Christ and we want our church to grow numerically.

Your personal growth is important. The more you know about Christ, the more like Him you'll be, the more joy you'll experience and the more fulfillment you'll find. That's why Tri County is working hard this year to help you grow. We're offering Precept Bible Studies. These are Bible Studies unlike most you've ever experienced. Be sure to check our events page to find upcoming Precepts Classes and give it a try. Our Pastor also works to make sure every Sunday morning message is relevant and helpful in your growth. Sunday School is another one of our opportunities that's both fun and meaningful.

We want to grow numerically, too. We're a small, but growing, congregation and we believe that there's no limit to how much we can grow and how much we can accomplish for God's kingdom. We're currently investing a lot of time and effort into three categories that we believe we be of significant importance in our growth movement.

(1) We've adopted Initiative: 20-30. This is our effort to identify young persons or couples who want to come on board at Tri County and make a difference. This is an important generation that we believe brings life, and provides energy. We've got a terrific group of children, of middle-aged adults and Seniors. We want to add that all-important young group to our mix. We invite you to join us. You're wanted and you're appreciated.

(2) Initiative: Teens. Last year we began a children's ministry with just three regularly attending children. Less than six months later we're not well over 20. We want to replicate that in our youth ministry. Our pastor has a heart for teens, experience with youth ministry and he's identified others who wish to help. We're looking for cornerstone youth to help drive this initiative.

(3) Initiative: Praise & Worship. We've got an awesome song leader, Jon. He's accompanied by Becky at the piano and Ed on vocals. We recently added a lead guitar and a drummer. We're looking for alternates, especially persons with experience in worship ministry. Come, join us and help take our worship to a new and exciting level.

These initiatives, accompanied by the other good work we're already doing will take our church to new heights. We invite you to come and grow with us. It's a consequential growth; a growth that makes a difference.