Congregational Meeting 2021


Sunday - 9 AM Sunday School, 10 AM Worship Service


Our annual congregational meeting will be Sunday, February 28 at 6 PM.  You are welcome to join us at the church building, but we will also be live streaming the meeting. We'll have Live Stream Monitors (both Facebook and YouTube) will will watch for your comments and questions so that we can address them during the meeting.  Our newsletters include links to our Live Stream events.   You can also come back to our website where you can easily link to our Facebook Live Stream from the homepage.

During our meeting we'll ask you to approve, via an anonymous ballot, the church budget and officers for the congregation. You'll also be able to express interest in being mentored for certain positions and to provide us feedback.  The elders plan to discuss "win 1 in 21" and the work of our church doing the ongoing pandemic.

Our ballot this year will be sent to you prior to the meeting.  If you don't typically receive email from us, please click hereto request that a ballot be sent to you.  The ballots are confidential. The church only receives the totals for each question.  If you attend the meeting in person, you will still be able to use the online ballot. We will have paper copies for those who prefer them.

To view our 2020 income & expense statement just click here.  That document contains the 2021 proposed budget, too, which you'll be asked to approve during the meeting.  If you have any questions about the income or expenses, click here to ask.  Here are some things you may be curious about:

  • Building & Maintenance repair. We exceeded our budget by more than 400%.  The reason was some unexpected and expensive repairs to our Bell Tower.  We also purchased chairs for our auditorium whch allowed for improved social distancing and greater comfort.  
  • Covid Related Expenses.  These items weren't budgeted but include masks, sanitizer, gloves and the Live Stream Software that we purchased to stream our services.
  • Payroll. The amount went up by $2,000 due to a one time bonus the Elders approved for our minister.  This was part of the amount our minister was able to obtain for the church through the SBA PPP Covid Relieve Program.  As a sidenote, the funds were gifted back to the church and used to paint the fellowship hall.
  • Property taxes were lower in 2020 and will be higher in 2021 due to the fact we typically pay our winter taxes before December. This year they will be paid in February.

During our meeting you will also be asked to approve some officers for the church. These include:

  • Craig Nunnery as Deacon for a 3 year term.
  • Bob Lauinger as Deacon for a 3 year term.
  • Diane Kuzilla as Financial Secretary / Corporation Secretary for a 1 year term.
  • Randy Greene as Treasurer / Corporate Vice President for a 1 year term.
  • Mark Venie as Corporate President for a 1 year term.

Note:  All of the corporate officers are simply requirements of the state to maintain a corporation in the State of Michigan. Churches are required to incorporate.